Meet Our Founders.

It takes a team to run a business, not just one person, and we are looking to expand our team to create the best one on earth. Nick Filet doesn't exist without these people and it doesn't grow without you.

We are ready to help investor owners and owner-operators alike join our growing brand and bring a better vision of the Philadelphia steak sandwich to the rest of the country. Philadelphia deserves it and you deserve the opportunity to be with us from the start.

Nick Filet Founding Members

Nick Kline - The man in the suit

Nick Kline - CEO of Nick Filet

Nick is the creative genius behind the recipes and concept of Nick Filet. Starting with the idea of perfecting the Filet Mignon sandwich in a fast-casual restaurant, he took it one step further adding lobster rolls. Then, he took one more step adding to the decadent, but affordable menu. Here you will find grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, truffle fries and more. As our founder, he is proud of the growth the brand has seen so far, and excited to have new owners join the team. For anyone who is looking to get to know Nick Filet, our founder wants to make sure you know who these 3 men are, too.

Keith Kline - CFO of Nick Filet
Brandon Howell - COO of Nick Filet
Jim Fares - Master of the Grill at Nick Filet

Keith Kline

CFO (and Nick's Dad)

Brandon Howell

COO and General Manager

Jim Fares

Master of the Grill

Keith left behind a 25 year wall street career to come in and help set the tone for the company. He inspired the entire team to be the best and cleanest restaurant on earth and to never stop until we reach our goals. We are still climbing and looking to expand Nick Filet with owners like you.

As a relatively young kid, Brandon was sold on Nick's vision of putting Filet Mignon on a bun.  In the first year, he put in over 5000 hours of energy, complete with heart and soul, into Nick Filet. From the design side with our website and menus to perfecting the operational systems of Nick Filet, he has been a huge inspiration and support. He is ready to help you and your team achieve greatness, too.

Never cooked a day in his life before coming to Nick Filet, but he has become the master of cooking Filet Mignon to perfection. He has made more Nick Filet Sandwiches than anyone on far. He is the "proof in the pudding" that our owners can hire and train their local "Jim" to become the master of their local Nick Filet grill.