Own a Nick Filet

Nick Filet is the first-ever fast-casual restaurant offering 100% Filet Mignon steak sandwiches. We were founded in 2018 in Greater Philadelphia. Yes. We Said Philadelphia.

About Nick Filet

Why did we decide to take on the mission to elevate the Philadelphia steak sandwich when we were born and bred in The City of Brotherly Love? We knew that customers were looking for something better, yet not having to spend a lot more money for a high-quality sandwich.

At Nick Filet, we are building a better version of the filet-delphia steak sandwich and we are inviting you, an aspiring business owner, to join our team. We proudly offer Filet For All, and it is time to open your own Nick Filet restaurant.

  • Our team loves to work here - we have an efficient operational model and comprehensive training that helps to retain staff.

  • We offer a steakhouse quality meal for lunch or dinner, any day of the week, with a lower startup investment than a full-service restaurant.

  • Unique brand in the fast-casual industry with high-end ingredients.

  • Easy to follow, distinctively different menu with recipes that our customers love, day in and day out.

  • First-ever Filet Mignon steak sandwich franchise - we are elevating the idea of the Philadelphia steak sandwich.

Why own a Nick Filet?

We will help you launch, develop and grow your loyal Nick Filet customer base in the local community. Whether you want to open three restaurants or just one, we have territories open.​

An opportunity is knocking, will you answer?